Consignment / Sell to us

Direct buyout

BelovedLux offers to directly purchase your item and issues payment to you within 5 business days after you have sent your item to us, and it has been confirmed authenticated and accepted.

Direct buyout price will be between 50% and 70% of the item's expected resale value based on the condition of the item. All items sold to BelovedLux as a direct buyout are final once payment has been issued.



Consignment refers to an agreement where your item is placed in the care of BelovedLux until the item is bought by a buyer. The the consignor — the owner of the goods (you) —retains ownership of the items until they sell. When the item sells, the consignee (BelovedLux) pays the owner (you) an agreed-upon portion of the proceeds from the sale.

Our consignment fees (per item) are listed as follow:

Bags & Jewellery

Item Value $0-$1,000: 20%
Item Value $1,001-$10,000: 15% 
Item Value $10,001 Plus: 12% 

Each item: 25% 

Each Item: 18% 

Additional fees including credit card transaction fees and marketing fees are covered by us. 

All Prices above are listing prices. Consignor receiving prices are to be calculated based on the rates above. In the event of price changes request by consignor, commission fee will be calculated according to the newly agreed rates based on the final sold price. 

Payment will be made within 5 business days after the item has been sold and delivered. Email notification will be sent out once payment has been processed. 

BelovedLux is not liable for lost funds or lost items if consignor has provided incorrect account or postal details, so please make sure that all details provided to us in the Consignment Agreement are correct. 


Consignment Period

Consignment contract cannot be cancelled within 2 months from the date that item has been listed online. Early termination will result full amount of consignment commission charge. At the end of the initial 2 months consignment period, unsold items can be collected by consignor free of charge, or consignor can extend the consignment period by another 2 months, potentially with adjusted price.

We only accept item in good / undamaged condition, authentication process will run before we agree to accepting your item


Direct Buyout / Consignment Process

Step 1: Email photo of the item to us

Photo should include all sides, wear / tear and serial number (if applies). Photos need to be as clear as possible to avoid any inaccurate quote. 

Step 2: Initial authentication and acceptance

Confirmation will be sent that initial authentication has been completed. 

Step 3: Signed consignment agreement

Consignment agreement form will be emailed to you once step 2 is completed.

Item can be posted to us once we have received your signed agreement back.

Step 4: Final authentication

In-person authentication will be processed before we finally agree to accept your item. 

Please note: if you submit an item to us that is later deemed not authentic by our team of authenticators, we will charge a fee of AUD 250 to post the item back to you. This is to cover time spent authenticating your item and postage.

Step 5: Item available on our website

Your item will be uploaded to our website within 5 business days after we have received it. 



You will have to cover postage to us. We will cover the shipping cost to final customer.